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Pre-Primary Section:


  • The early childhood years have been universally recognized as crucial foundation years. An important component of early childhood development is pre-school education for all round development of the children. It aims at preparing them for formal school education. Hence pre-school is a preparatory stage where a child lays the foundation for all other activities in education. The kind of training imparted at this stage decides the level of academic achievement of a child in later part of his life. So it is essential to give more emphasis on different development such as physical, cognitive, social, emotional and sensorial development
  • Organized games and different types of races are planned to improve their sense of co-ordinations, leadership and group dynamics.
  • Giving them the concept of language and numbers is equally important at this stage. Besides teaching them alphanumeric, stress is laid on developing their reasoning ability by providing them with different worksheets to get the actual feel of the subject.
  • Rhymes and storytelling are some of the most interesting activities in the curriculum. These activities, apart from giving fun, develop concentration and listening skills. The children increase their vocabulary, express themselves freely and develop their imagination.
  • Learning by doing is implemented at every stage of education. Children perform different activities to understand the environment and science concepts such as germination of seed and presence of air. Children are exposed to concrete examples. For example, when we talk about an apple, we show them the fruit and cut it before them so that they can see the skin, flesh and seeds and even eat the fruit to develop the taste for it.
  • As a part of the pre-primary curriculum, children are taken to different places such as cowshed, milk dairy, post office, hospital, zoo, potter's & carpenters workshops, airport etc. to have practical experience of what they are reading in their books. 
  • It is our firm belief that every individual has got his own creativity and he should be given proper opportunity to express and develop it. For this, children are provided with different activities such as painting, printing, cutting work, and clay modeling. These activities also help to channelize their destructive behavior to constructive activities.
  • To make children aware of our rich cultural heritage, different festivals such as Diwali, X’mas, Navratri, Eid, Holi etc. are celebrated in the school.
  • Every child is exposed to co-curricular and sports activities so that he gets an opportunity to transform his potentials into reality. Children are given firsthand experience on computer. They play games on numbers and languages on computer. Besides many interesting books, the library has rich stock of playing materials contributing to their overall development. Audio Visual facility is a significant part of the junior library. Thus the small kids learn and grow in a free environment.